Understanding “Core Charges” in Vehicle Repairs

What is a Core Charge?


Understanding a Core Charge and What to Look Out For

Core charges are a very confusing thing for consumers to understand.
To try and explain it simply, think of the remanufacturing process as recycling. We take and old engine or transmission and make it new again.
Then when that cycle is done, we need the old one back so we can do it again.

A Core Charge Definition

The core charge is a fee imposed to insure that the old product is returned.
We understand this purchase is typically an unexpected expense and that is why we offer two core optionsĀ for you…
We offer you the option to waive the core charge for 15 days at NO CHARGE.
Many of our competitors charge the core upfront and then make you wait to receive a core refund once the engine is torn down and inspected.
We process cores as soon as the product is received in our warehouse
Make sure you understand the core policies.
Also, if your engine stopped running altogether, make sure you know if there is internal damage to it.
Internal damage may mean your core is not re-buildable and therefore a fee may be imposed.
Just remember, part of selling the product to you (at the price it is sold at) is that the core can be reused. If it can’t, then the product has to cost you more, thus the core charge.