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Get the lowest prices on Motors by using our long-time relationships with car and truck repair shops, salvage yards, performance companies and other transfer sellers of high-quality used Motors, differentials and Motors. This allows us to offer you several different price options with details like the pricing, shipping costs, mileage, conditon of several Motors near you and across thUSA that cwill be shipped fast with a full long-term warranty.

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Here at, we offer Motors for virtually all makes and models of vehicles. Simply enter what year, make, and model your vehicle is and we'll automatically provide you with any and all Motors that we have in stock.

Either you'll be given prices automatically or, in some cases, be asked for your contact information so one of our automotive experts can reach out to you to discuss a price quote.

Cheap Remanufactured Motors

Lowest cost Low milage Steam Cleaned & Compression tested Engine Torn Down, Cleaned, & Machined back to original manufacturer's specifications Used Engines Each used Japanese engine is cafefully steam cleaned and tested for compression and oil pressure by Japanese technicians and are imported directly from Japan. Anything that comes with the engine, such as an alternator, starter, water pump distributor, manifold, carburetor, flywheel, brackets, oil pressure and water temperature sending unit, smog emission devices, turbochargers or timing belt are complimentary and are excluded from the warranty. Other used engines have varied milage and varied warranties. Remanufactured Engines Engines are remanufactured with new pistions, rings, timing components, freeze plugs, gasket sets, valve guides, lifter, virtuall all with oil pumps, rod, cam, and main bearkings. The factory will allow a labor adjustment according the the latest Motor/Chilton online flat rate data up to $40.00/hour Warranty Information All engines sold carry a LIMITED WARRANTY. Click here to see a printable copy of the warranty. We've hand picked several of the best sources in the country to provide you with the highest level of quality. WARRANTY BREAKDOWN: Brief overview of warranty coverage Engine Type Months Milage Used Japanese Engines 6 6,000 Other Used Engines Varies Varies Remanufactured Engines 12 to 36 100,000 to Unlimited We cary a range of different auto parts: Rebuilt Cylinder Heads New Exhaust Manifolds New Timing Covers New Standard Fly Wheels New Harmonic Balancers New Oil Pans New Radiators New Auto Glass Shipping Information We can ship your order ANYWHERE S & K Engines does not make a profit from shipping, therefore you must call us to get a current shipping quote All orders are shipped though a common freight carrier Orders are shipped the same day payment is received. You will be notified if this is not possible. Most shipments will arrive one business day after shipment. For example, if you order an engine on Monday using your VISA card, you will most likely get the engine on Tuesday. Exceptions are made for long distance shipments. Shipping Estimates These numbers are ESTIMATES that are based on dailey quotes from several freight carriers Actual shipping costs may vary